Writers / Artists: David Scroggy

Valentino Volume One


Thick minicomix collection of Jim Valentino's underground/newave work published between 1977 and 1981. Signed/numbered edition of 25. Includes a few pages of notes on much (if not all) of the content therein.

I believe all copies contain original artwork on the back cover.

This volume contains comics, covers, illustrations, ads, San Diego Comic-Con badges, Comic-Con Progress Report covers, at least one unpublished cover, etc.

There's also a big "art party" jam page (actually a flyer for one of the parties) by Valentino, Rick Geary, Scott Shaw!, John Pound, Jim Cornelius, David Scroggy, Joel Milke and others.

Characters appearing within these pages include: Li'l Abner, MAD's Alfred E. Neuman, the Yellow Kid, Howard the Duck, Cap'n Retro, Jim Jones (of Jonestown), many UG comix characters and many, many others.

Kennedy #2144.