Writers / Artists: Diana Salford

Comic Crusader #02


Contents include: "Steve Ditko, Man of Mystery" article; "The Day Flash Gordon Died" article; Q&A with Bob Cosgrove; "The First Inhumans" article (funny animal characters); "The First Injustice Society" article; a two-page Defender strip by Greim; letters (Mike Friedrich, Robert Gluckson, Doug Fratz, others); more.

Characters in fan art include: Flash Gordon, Ming the Merciless, Dr. Zarkov, Dale Arden, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Blue Beetle, Question, Captain Atom, Creeper, Hawk and Dove, Mr. A, Spectre, Deadman, Mr. Justice, Mysterious Traveler, Super Rabbit, Li'l Pan, Sir Spot, Mighty Mouse, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Flash, Quicksilver, Defender, Hulk, Barbarella, Black Condor

Offset/ditto, 16 pages plus mailing wrapper, side-stapled.