White Buffalo Gazette #Mail Me Mask Art (November 1995)

  • White Buffalo Gazette #Mail Me Mask Art (November 1995)
Mail Me Mask Art

The White Buffalo Gazette is the newsletter / zine that took the place of Steve Willis' City Limits Gazette when it was retired (and it was originally inspired by Bruce Chrislip's zine of the same name as well as Clay Geerdes' Comix World newsletter). Several editors have published their own WBG over the years and it generally always contained comics, art, letters and info on new releases.

This issue is from Max Traffic's original run.

The Mark Campos cover depicts underground comix icons such as R. Crumb's Mr. Natural, the Freak Brothers, Trashman, Binky Brown, Snappy Sammy Smoot and others.

There may be more contributors than listed above.

7 × 8½"
12 pages plus insert

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