Writers / Artists: Mihaela Erceg

Stripburger #78


Interview with Rikke Villadsen and a spotlight on Israel's Humdrum Collective.

The bound-in 24-page Compendium insert contains other contributions from Larisa Javernik (Anouk Ricard: Anna and Froga – Wanna Gumball?), Bojan Albahari (Vinko Barić: Dogodovštine Baroknog čovjeka & Nove dogodovštine Baroknog čovjeka / Adventures of Baroque Man & The New Adventures of Baroque Man), Katja Štesl (Marc-Antoine Mathieu: 3”), Ana Bogataj (Srečko Kosovel & Andrej Štular: Ostri ritmi / Sharp Rhythms), Robert Kuret (Peter Kuper: Kafkaesque), and Aljaž Vesel & Anja Delbello (Tutti Frutti).

All comics in this issue are in English or wordless. All texts are presented in both Slovenian and English.