A Few Things to Keep in Mind

1. Please be aware that some material contained in the Database may not be suitable for all visitors. We have decided to leave potentially offensive artwork uncensored in the interest of information and education. This material is a small minority of what's available but please use the site with discretion and monitor children.

2. We realize some of the items in the Mini-Comics category are not technically mini-comics. They have been included for various reasons, usually having to do with their spirit and historical background. Dylan Williams' Sparkplug Comic Books and Michael Dowers' Starhead Comix are two good examples of excellent alternative comics publishers who began in mini-comics and who, in our estimation, were still publishing mini-comics even when they were professionally produced trade paperbacks or direct market comic books.

3. A number of other items in the Database could arguably fit into different categories but we've used our best judgment. For example, some all-comics publications fit squarely in the Fanzines category, some in Mini-Comics and some are a toss-up. Of course, there may be items that are blatantly miscategorized and for those suggestions are certainly welcome.

4. Generally speaking, we are only including non-comics zines when they're particularly relevant to mini-comics (for example, if they're produced by somebody who's better known for mini-comics than other types of zines).

If you should have any questions about the above or another aspect of the site please feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks for your attention.

What Is This Site?

A virtual archive of mini-comics, comic fanzines, small press comics, newave comix and related items. The physical archive, housed at PF headquarters, is being built with personal acquisitions as well as generous donations from supporters. This project is most definitely a work in progress.

All support is appreciated!
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