Thru Black Holes Comix has been one of the creative forces shaping the evolution of comix over the last three decades. Under the guidance and direction of artist and publisher Michael Roden, TBHC produced dozens of publications ranging from 8-page mini-comix to full-length color-cover comix to postcards and pin-back buttons. One of the defining characteristics of TBHC is its inclusive policy – most of the TBHC publications are multi-artist books featuring art from an astonishing cast of characters. Contributions from these artists are assembled and often modified and otherwise shaped to create the distinctive TBHC look by the Captain of the TBHC Ship, Michael Roden. Over the years, such art world luminaries as Rat Fink creator Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, underground comix legends Rory Hayes, Spain, John Thompson, and S. Clay Wilson, master poster artist Jeff Gaither, punk art legends Bob X and XNO (of XEX Graphix), small press publisher Brad Foster, the mysterious and inimitable Ed H. Dorn, and dozens of other great artists have contributed to various TBHC titles. This inclusive policy has made TBHC as much a community as a publishing house, providing an opportunity for fledgling artists and established cartoonists to come together in the spirit of fun and adventure that is an integral part of every TBHC publication.

[Bio written, contributed and © by Dale Lee Coovert, whose comprehensive Michael Roden Catalog may be found here. Please do not republish without permission.]

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