Writers / Artists: Maxine Frank

Oh My! Comix #3


- 28 pages
- digest-sized (5.5" x 8.5")
- colour cover/ B&W guts

What an incredible issue! First, Kayla "Monty Comix" Escobedo stuns with her vibrant & amazingly intricate front/ back covers. Then Underground Comix great, Skip "Bijou Funnies, Snappy Sammy Smoot" Williamson, opens with 'Marital Blitz', a brand new six-pager. Robin "Cinema Sewer" Bougie & Maxine "Maximum Superexcitement" Frank give you a taste of what they've got cooking for the upcoming Sleazy Slice #5 while Aaron "Mineshaft" Lange serves up a fresh new page for your viewing pleasure. Jay "JB's ComicStories" Bee & Hugh 'Shug' "Reet! Comic" Raine add a little sci-fi into the mix while New Jersey's favourite son, Hugo, shows off his expert delineation skills with a pair of densely detailed illos. Finally, crammed into wherever he can find a spot, are a few X-rated rib-ticklers from Dexter Cockburn.