Writers / Artists: P Alfieri

Rocket’s Blast #014


21 one-sided mimeograph/ditto pages. 


Editorial features include:

Captain America cover by Buddy Saunders.  "THE FEATURE" profiles Howard Keltner.  "THE COMIC REVIEWER: A Key to Gold Key” by Steve Perrin.  "Wanted: A Good Team (Simon & Kirby)“ by John Ferrazzano and illoed by P. Alfieri.  "ROCKETEER GOSSIP" by Rick Weingroff.  "Graviteer Battles Magnus," text story written/illustrated by Buddy Saunders.   "THE ROCKET ROLL" lists new members: John G. Fantucchio, Larry Herndon, Paul Gambaccini, Rick Durell, and Margaret Gemignani.  "LETTERS TO THE EDITOR" from John Page, Howard Keltner, Mike Friedrich, Paul Gambaccini, Buddy Saunders, Doug Storer & Frank Lamb. 


Ads become more abundant with this issue, which includes one of Howard Rogofsky's first ads.