Writers / Artists: Richard Weingroff

Rocket’s Blast #007


Editorial features include:

"THE FEATURE" profiles collector Michael Maginnis from W. Hyattsville MD.   "THE COLLECTOR'S CORNER" column by Dave Bibby discusses the origin of Green Lantern (Alan Scott).  "THE SCIENCE SHOP" column by Rick Weingroff on shooting stars.  "EDITOR'S NOTE" by GB Love.   "THE ROCKET ROLL" lists new members, including Dean Newman and Don Foote.  “Master of Gravity, Graviteer" fan-fiction by Buddy Saunders (illo by Greg DeZiel).   "WE SUGGEST" suggests World's Finest #126.   "ROCKETEER GOSSIP" column by Rick Weingroff.  "THE BEST OF S-F" — Bob Harner 3rd reviews "Necromancer" by Gordon R. Dickson.  "LETTERS TO THE EDITOR" from Buddy Saunders and Bob Harner 3rd.