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Title, volume (if any) and issue number (ex: Babyfat Vol. 2, #1)
This tag allows users to easily view all books in a series on one page. Usually the book's title but sometimes it's better to use a series name (ex.: "Book of Hope" is the series tag for First Book of Hope, etc.) (Note: This is a tag field.)
This field is only necessary if the title has more than one volume. If there's only been one volume then noting "Volume 1" seems extraneous and unnecessary.
Person's name if known (ex: Michael Dowers). (Note: This is a tag field.)'
Ex: Starhead Comix, Fantagraphics Books. (Note: This is a tag field.)
Please spell out the state/province. (ex: Seattle, Washington). (Note: This is a tag field.)
Please spell out the country name (except ''USA''). (Note: This is a tag field.)
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Dimensions (if not in this list, please add them in the "rare dimensions" field below)
Dimensions (this field for dimensions not in the dropdown list above)
Dimensions (for rare ones I'm not making dropdown option for)
Including covers, if possible.
Language(s) the text is in
Keywords that can further categorize entries (such as ''horror'', ''autobiography'' or ''anthology''). Tags are separated by commas.
If you provided the scan then please do put your name in this field. (Note: This is a tag field.)
This field is for media sources you got info from (ex: The Comics Journal, Small Press Comics Explosion, Comix World).
Please enter your name here. Note: this is a tag field.
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