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Writers / Artists: David Hulan

CAPA-alpha #005


Membership roster not given

Cover by Howard Keltner

Contributions include Agent X Reporting (Bails), Edgemar Milk is Supermilk (bumper sticker inclusion, Patten), Operation Ishfael Part Two (Moslander), The World of Ryandom (Ryan), Richard Kyle's Wonderworld #3 (Kyle), Shmoz #1 (Castora), Secrets Behind All-Star Comics (Bails), The Rambling Roamer #2 (Jackson), Heavy Water #2 (Patten), Miss Suzy Fandom (Miller), Barton Werper - Apprentice Imitator (Hulan), Listen Here! (Gambaccini), Questionnaire for CAPA-alphans (Bails), Looking Back - And Ahead (Foss)

Reproduction by ditto and mimeograph

Back cover by Ronn Foss

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