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Writers / Artists: E Fitz Smith

Cartoon Loonacy #044


Some of this issue's contents: "Surrealism", a two-color collage illustration by Jim Ryan; two installments of 'Sherlock Holmes' Crime Scene Chronicles' by Jack C. Harris and Howard Bender.

Characters appearing in art and comics include: the Yellow Kid, Frankenstein, Mr. Spock, Mr. T, Herve Villechaize, Ralph Kramden / Jackie Gleason, W.C. Fields, Abraham Lincoln.

This issue also came with a glossy 10 × 8" promo illustration of the Three Stooges by Brian Buniak.

Despite what the cover says this is issue #44.

Fewer than 50 copies printed (probably more like 25).

Poetry Chap Book

Writers / Artists

4¼ × 5½"
8 pages

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