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Writers / Artists: Gerald Brown

Rocket’s Blast Comicollector / RBCC #152


James Van Hise remains as editor, but publishing has been assumed by New Media Publishing.


Editorial features include:

Cover by Ron Wilber.

“The Mutant Handbook” by Kurt Busiek and Scott McLeod. 

“Intelligent Life on Earth” (review of Will Eisner’s “Life on Another Planet”) by Robert Strauss. 

“CRITIQUE” fanzine and comix reviews by Robert Strauss, and James Van Hise. 

“The Empire Strikes Mitch” by Ken Mitchroney. 

“Metal and the White Boy’s Cool” (about Ted White’s tenure at Heavy Metal) by Robert Strauss. 

“The Return of the Lone Ranger” by JVH. 

“Megacon Blues,” strip by Doug Potter. 

“An Interview with Mike Friedrich” by Gerald Brown. 

“The Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (book/movie/book/movie review) by JVH. 

Weird Tales: Back from the Dead and Needing a Facelift” by JVH.  “Have Broom, Will Travel” (a review of Broom-Hilda” Life Begins at 1500” by JVH.   


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MONSTER INVASION Portfolio by Jim McDermott and Steve Fiorilla




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