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Writers / Artists: Tim Fuller

Book of Art #10


Cardstock cover

Cartoon Loonacy #109


Some of the contents include: a fold-out mini-poster by Brian Buniak, back cover jam page

Characters appearing in art and comics include: Fats Waller, Frankenstein's monster, Hokey Wolf, Frank Gorshin/the Riddler, Sandman (Marvel), Lee Meriwether/Catwoman, Batman, Larry Storch, the Joker, Deanna Lund, Susan Silo, Donna Loren, Terry Moore, Simpsons characters, Morty the Dog

Hand-colored element on cover.

Central Mailer for this issue: Darren Auck and Mike Kraiger

Rocket’s Blast Comicollector / RBCC #153


This was the final issue, until Van Hise resumed as both editor and publisher with a “New First Issue” in May 2000.


PARODY issue, with parodies of THE COMICS JOURNAL and STARLOG.


Editorial features include:

Cover by John Turek.  

“What’s So Funny About Comics?” by Robert Strauss. 

“MAD Index 1-23” by Bill Hansen and Dan Ciminelli. 

“The Truth About Pirate’s Gold” (about the Donald Duck story by Carl Barks) by Jim Korkis. 

“The Case of the Bogus Avery” by Jim Korkis. 

“Captain Kentucky: The Comic is Put Back Into Comic Strips” by James Van Hise. 

“CRITIQUE” fanzine and comix reviews by Robert Strauss, Vernon Clark, and JVH. 

“THE OLD BOOKDEAL’R — GUD BOOX” by Stephen Bissette.  “COMICOPIA” by RC Harvey. 

"MARK BURBEY’S INTERVIEW,” featuring a transcript of a radio interview with Moe Howard. 

“The Three Stooges in Nuclear Knuckleheads” by Mark Burbey, Richard "Grass" Green, and Eddie Eddings.  


(The Three Stooges material in this issue was from a one-shot Stooges fanzine Mark Burbey was putting together, but was never published because Norman Maurer required a $2500 licensing fee to proceed.)


Ads for:


MONSTER INVASION Portfolio by Jim McDermott and Steve Fiorilla




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