Writers / Artists: Daryl Cunningham

Cartoon Loonacy #054


Some of this issue's contents: 17 pages of b-movie reviews by Mike Bannon and Pete Fitzgerald (lots of poster/ad repros too); Bruce Chrislip discusses the number of times he's been drawn as a comic book character (with relevant panels reproduced by Steve Willis, George Metzger, Peter Bagge); "Seventeen Minute Pit-Bull Funnies" by Jim Ryan; a one-page jam comic by Darryl Cunningham, Caspar Williams, Steve Willis, Bruce Chrislip & others; a "Peanuts" parody of sorts by Mike Kazaleh.

Characters appearing in art and comics include: Fred MacMurray, Richard Deacon, Little Lulu, Lucy Van Pelt, Gumby, Zorak, Bob's Big Boy, Skidoo (from Felix the Cat).

Central Mailer for this issue: Bruce Chrislip